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Exploring synesthesia and expat experience, ‘Rapeseed’ is a colorful novel of one woman’s discovery of her self and of carefully guarded family secrets.  It’s about moving abroad to finally find her own heart and home.  A wonderful coming-of-age novel about a teenage boy, an extraordinary woman, and an American family abroad… because families come of age too.  A synesthete with blended senses, Carolann Cooper sees her letters and numbers and turbulent memories in color.  Her family’s move from Kansas to London cracks open her complicated history and exposes secrets she’s been keeping with her husband — and from him as well — just as her teenage son begins to enjoy dangerous new freedoms abroad.  Carolann must urgently find out who she really is, to reconcile her past with her family’s future. ‘Rapeseed’ was named a finalist by Foreword Reviews for Book of the Year in general fiction.

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