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No Ordinary Love

North of Ordinary-Book 1


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Genres Literary Fiction, Romance
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When Vance wakes from a coma, he finds his life doesn’t fit him anymore. Even his tepid marriage to his wife, Max, feels colder than usual. So, he buries himself in what he knows: his music, his band, the bright lights of the stage, and the adulation of his fans. But as he sweeps his bored gaze over the audience one night, he’s inexplicably jolted back to life when he sees eerily familiar eyes locked on him.

Alone after losing everything that felt like home, Lennon hides in the safety of her animal shelter. When her lifelong best friend forces her to go to a club for a fun night, a simple misunderstanding leads her to the enigmatic man onstage. Vance is everything, all at once, and Lennon falls intensely in love with him. However, she is clueless how vital it becomes to the people around him to remove her from his life as quickly as possible.

Adam knows no one would understand what’s behind his bedroom door; that’s why it’s always locked. As long as he never misses a gig and he pretends to be one of Vance’s best friends, no one will suspect that he’s been spying on everyone for twenty years. Someone has to watch Max, protect her, love her; Vance has all but forgotten about her, especially since meeting Lennon. Maybe it’s time Adam finally did something.

NO ORDINARY LOVE is about love—friendship, romantic, familial—and the length one goes to keep that love intact.

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