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A Few Tips on Exposure for your Book

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Self-Publishing is a booming industry and often times it can be a bit overwhelming, but as you know it has its perks as well. Like for instance, being awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion for starters… Now that you have your Medallion, your work has just begun and I can assure you, the B.R.A.G. Team is working hard to get your book noticed as well.Many of you feel stumped as to what to do after being awarded the Medallion and listed below are some tricks of the trade. Before I get started on listing what those tips are, I would like to applaud you all for writing and self-publishing your book(s). It is not always an easy journey and you are a brave soul.

Social Media:

1. Help Promote indieBRAG.
2. Contact me for an on-line interview. Interviews are great exposure for your book. Once I have  interviewed you, please help spread the word.
3. Participate in my Writer’s Series.
4. Virtual Book Tours.
5. Join goodreads
6. Join the indieBRAG goodreads group. (Great way to get updates and information and to meet other Medallion Honorees.)
7. Tweet about your book.
8. Join other reliable book sites.
9. Create a Facebook Page/profile for your book.
10. Look for book bloggers who would be willing to interview you and promote your work. Book bloggers are so important!
11. Write articles about your book and post it on your website. Is your book historical Fiction, non-fiction or a self-help? Create those articles on your content. Anna Belfrage is a prime example of an author who does this and she is quite successful at it. Trust me, we readers do read, share and love them.
12. Make sure you keep your website and profiles pages updated on the web.
13. Book Trailers are a great tool!
14. Join on-line writing groups. As a reader I have discovered so many authors/great reads that way…
15. Connect with your readers on-line through these outlets. Be personable with them. Let them know you appreciate them reading your book. I’m more likely to support an author and read a book from that author if they are not so stand offish with me-seeing as I am a book blogger and a reader/reviewer.
16. Be sure to promote the book bloggers who support your work. Be aware how much of their time they work on promoting your work. A good way to do that is interview them on your website. People like to know book bloggers thoughts and interest as well.
17. Support your fellow authors.
18. Did I mention, promote B.R.A.G.? Ah, yes. I did. But it’s good to remind….
These are just a few ways to help get exposure for your book on-line and now I will be listing what you need to be doing outside of social media. Now I know many of you have day jobs or you say you don’t have time to do any of this but if you are not happy about the lack of books sales… you have to be willing to do some work. You must be willing to set time aside each week for promotions. I recommend at least two to three times a week. Write out a schedule for your promotions. That helps a great deal. Right now-as a book blogger-my promotional posts are usually scheduled three to six months in advance.

Promoting Your Book Outside of Social Media:

1. Create flyers, business cards and bookmarks. I LOVE bookmarks! I collect them and share them with my friends and family.
2. Always have a few signed copies in your car with you. You will always have plenty of opportunities to talk about your book.
3. Go into your surrounding local book stores and talk to the manager about carrying your books and holding a book signing.
4. Local Libraries hold book signings as well.
5. Create a book fair in your community and have other local authors join in as well. There are plenty of venues who would be willing to hold them.
6. When you are travelling, leave a copy of your book in the Hotel Lobby or in the room. Slip a bookmark and a flyer in there as well. Make sure to include your on-line links and where readers can buy more of your work.
7. Book signings in coffee shops are always fun. I would certainly go to those…
8. Go to self-publishing writing conferences. Learn all you can about the self-publishing industry and be willing to share your experience and knowledge.
9. Be confident and enthusiastic about your book(s) and the industry.
10. Oh, yes. Continue to write more books and submit them to B.R.A.G. Then repeat all of the above and then some.

I hope this helps and gives you a lot to think about and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
Stephanie M. Hopkins

Share your ideas, successes and failures with us…….

9 responses to “What’s Next?”

  1. Elaine Russell says:

    I’ve had very good luck selling my adult novel through promotions on Bookbub and Kindle Nation. You must have enough reviews on Amazon (and Goodreads) and good ratings to be accepted then discount the price on your digital version of the book for several days. Take a look at their sites. Not only did these promotions dramatically increase my sales for a week or more, but there has been a residual increase as people read the book, post reviews and recommend it to others.

  2. Stephanie Moo Hopkins says:

    Hey, Elaine! I have heard of those sites and you are right, they are good from what I hear…thank you for sharing that.


  3. Darlene Elizabeth Williams says:

    indieBRAG accepts nonfiction for consideration?

  4. Laurie Boris says:

    Excellent suggestions, Stephanie!

  5. Martin Crosbie says:

    And, you can do these things without spending any money. Thanks for posting this Stephanie. I’ve shared.

  6. Geri says:

    I think that is an important point Martin- not everything we do has to break the bank! It is important to put the money where it will do the most good and use some creativity in getting the word out-

  7. Geri says:

    We do Darlene but we don’t feel we are capable of judging text books, business books or even poetry but in our Non-Fiction section you will find the kids of books that our readers have felt deserved attention.

  8. ND Richman says:

    “Book Signings in coffee shops.” I’ll have to give that one a try. Sounds like fun.

  9. Geri says:

    For most shops it is a win-win. It doesn’t cost them anything and you at least bring in your family and friends and hopefully a lot more people!

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