Join us for “Novel Conversations” with Helen Hollick

Novel Conversations

starting Tuesday 4th September

then  every  Friday

in conjunction with

                  Indie B.R.A. G                   

    4th September Anna Belfrage and her character Matthew Graham

   7th September   Julia Brannan and her character  Sir Anthony Peters

14th September Sharon Dwyer and her character Katelin

21st September Barbara Anne Mojica  and her character George Washington

28th September Inge H. Borg and her character  Ebu al-Saqqara

5th October Clare Flynn and her character Hector Channing

12th October Annie Whitehead  and her character Æthelflæd, Lady of Mercia

19th October J L Oakley and her character  Jeannie Naughton

26th October Lorraine Devon  Wilke and her character  Dan MacDowell

2nd November  Stephanie Churchill and her character  Kassia

9th November    Wendy Percival and her character  Maddy Henderson

16th November  Susan Appleyard and her character  Ludwig, King of Bavaria

23rd November  Charlene Newcomb  and her character Sir Stephen l’Aigle

30th November  Florence Osmund  and her character Marie Marchetti

7th December  Helen Hollick  and her character Captain Jesamiah Acorne

14th December Alison Morton and her character  Conradus Mitelus

Christmas Break

Novel Conversations will resume on the 4th January 
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