IndieBRAG Cover Crush: Betrayal by Michele Kallio

Cover Crush by Colleen Turner


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Betrayal tells the story of two women, modern day Lydia Hamilton and Elisabeth Beeton, a lady’s maid to Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry the Eighth.

Lydia is happily in love with her physician boyfriend, Dan Taylor, until she begins to have nightmares that seem all too realistic.  She dreams of a girl, a prison cell and a beheading.  In her dreams Lydia finds herself in the Elisabeth’s body experiencing Elisabeth’s 16th century life.  Lydia tries to ignore these vivid dreams as long as she can, that is, until Elisabeth’s diary arrives in the mail.  Suddenly, Lydia is caught up in a quest to uncover the truth behind Elisabeth’s betrayal.

Thoughts on the cover

If you know me you know I love historical fiction, especially the kind that incorporates a little mystery into the mix. My first thoughts when seeing this cover were, “what sorts of secrets are within those letters? And what do those letters have to do with the stately home behind it?” That pull of mystery makes this cover very intriguing for me and makes it hard to not see what’s within. The colors are pleasant as well, with the lighter, swirly sort of background seeming to exude a sense of history, and the bolder, bigger contrast between the cream envelopes and black ribbons holding it all together seeming more present. A really interesting cover overall.

My initial rating based on cover: 4.0/5.0

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2 responses to “IndieBRAG Cover Crush: Betrayal by Michele Kallio”

  1. Kathleen Kelly says:

    Interesting looking cover! I love these kind of dual stories!

  2. Stephanie Hopkins says:

    Me too! There are fun to read!

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