How do you make your book a best seller?




A question for the ages and one we have asked many successful authors. The answer we consistently heard was write a good book and the readers will come. But with so much competition for their attention, how do you get your book noticed in the first place? Having a B.R.A.G.Medallion is a great first step. It lets readers know your work is worth their time. Here are just a few other great ways that can help build momentum and get readers interested:

• Find your audience in creative ways by aligning with local businesses. Is your book about travel? Take it to your local travel agent and ask them to display it. Did you write a romance novel? Ask a lingerie store to exhibit your book in their window. Did you write about beauty or baking? You know where to go. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless! If John Grisham sold books out of the back of his car at fairs, you can certainly find a creative way to build your audience also.

• Book clubs are a fantastic way to spread the word and get noticed. Ask if you can come to a club and provide a special evening with an aspiring author and offer to bring the wine and cheese to seal the deal.

• How about a flash mob at your mall that recreates the storyline in your book? Ask a dance school if they would like to be your mob and encourage them to join you in the creative process. A recent “mob” was performed in a mall in Amsterdam reenacting a painting to promote a special exhibit and not only got the attention of shoppers but had residual effects from social medial.

• Ask you local coffee shop if you can do an author Q&A in their store. Tell them you will publicize the shop and encourage your friends and family to come, buy a cup of coffee and generate buzz for the shop while you sell some books!

• How about contacting your local library to see if you can host an author’s day? Set up tables where people can come and meet multiple local authors and maybe have light food and music. Engaging with other local authors will create camaraderie and increase attendance at the event.

These are just a few fun ways to start building your audience and get you on your way to being a bestselling author!

5 responses to “How do you make your book a best seller?”

  1. Steven A. McKay says:

    One day I’ll do a signing at my local library and kick it off by performing with my band, I think that’d be a really good night and draw some attention. I had planned on doing it for Wolf’s Head, and had backing from the library but it never happened. One day though!

  2. Geri says:

    In today’s literary world, it takes a bit of something extra to catch the book buyers attention. I would love to see your band perform and, of course, I would then no doubt buy your book!

  3. Marcia Coffey Turnquist says:

    Wish I had followed Grisham’s lead and sold books at the state fair! There’s always next summer. 🙂 I like the idea for a flash mob… if I could come up with a way to illustrate my book. And I really like the idea for a group of writers signing at the local library–It’s now on my list of to-dos.

  4. Geri says:

    I know I would definitely buy a book that was part of a flash mob!!

  5. Barbara Ann Mojica says:

    That flash mob idea sounds like a fantastic way to draw an instant audience. Thanks for sharing!

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