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The Lost Souls


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Genres Young Adult
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continuing the tale begun in the bitti chai, of ghosts, jealousy, prejudice and passion, set in the wilds of dartmoor

Newly married, Johnny and Reigneth begin their life together, but as the ancient prophecy comes to fruition, unforeseen changes are wrought in their powers and psyche and those of their two closest friends. The effects are devastating, plunging the four young adults deeper and deeper into a supernatural world and leading them into mortal danger as they struggle against the corrupt forces of evil. More than ever before it becomes evident to Reigneth’s Romany family that her secret must be guarded. Together with James and Aaron, Johnny endeavours to protect the young woman he loves, increasingly reluctant to let her have anything to do with the outside world, but when a heartbroken gauja woman pleads for her help and the ghosts of murdered children reach out to her, Reigneth’s secret becomes threatened, with potentially shattering consequences.

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