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The Brute


Website(s) www.mikeklaassen.com 
Genres Young Adult
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A tornado rips through their campsite on the prairie. Can he summon help, or will his violent temper betray him? Sixteen-year-old Fortney Curtis is on a campout in the vast Flint Hills of Kansas. A tornado destroys their campsite, disables the adults, and leaves Fort in charge of six younger boys. Distance, storm damage, wildlife, and flooding all obstruct his efforts, but Fort’s greatest challenge lies within himself. Can he save the day—or will he let everyone down? “The Brute” is a young-adult, action-adventure novel for readers of all ages. If you like page-turning fiction with intriguing characters facing daunting challenges, then you’ll love this gripping story. Discover the adventure of a life-time with “The Brute” today!

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