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Something wasn’t right.

By the time Luke was three years old, we had no doubts that he was different: he never smiled, never spoke, never even babbled. He was four when they told us that he was autistic, and the news nearly destroyed us…up until that one day when Luke said the one word that would change all of our lives forever… PUCK.

Told by his father, PUCK is the amazing story of a severely autistic boy who, through the ceaseless perseverance of his parents and a small number of dedicated coaches, ultimately comes out of his previously impenetrable shell. The change in him changes everyone around him, as he transforms from a child who doesn’t even speak until he is 6-years old, to a teenager whose inspirational achievements on the ice culminate in 19,000 hockey fans giving him a prolonged standing ovation in the nation’s capital.

And it all starts with him saying one little word.

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