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Ned Firebreak


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Genres Young Adult
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The Firebreaks are a family of dragonslayers. After dispatching the unruly lizards, this father/son team brings back the fair maidens to live on their magically protected princess reservation. At least that’s what their brochure would have you believe.

When Ned wakes up from a coma, he finds key memories relating to his rescue missions and missing-in-action father erased by magic. With the help of three motivated princesses and one who’s rather a hindrance, he sets out to uncover his missing memories and reveal the truth of the Firebreaks’ dealings with the dragons of the Eight Kingdoms. Along the way, Ned picks up a tree sidekick, a wizard versed in the ludicrous art of pun magic, and a healthy respect for both princesses and dragons alike.

Can he make the world outside of the reservation safe for the princesses? Will he uncover the true threat to the maidens’ well-being? Can he find his father before he must face off against the nefarious black dragon, Rackeesus, who dogs his trail every step of the way?

Find out Ned’s fate in this rousing tale that blends fantasy with mystery and heaping helpings of wit.

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