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He was looking for an opportunity to run away from his foster parents. Instead, he begins a journey that will either land him in jail or get him killed. Fifteen-year-old Bodie McCann is on a youth-rehabilitation spelunking trip in the Ozarks of Arkansas. When an earthquake crushes the adults, he finds himself stranded in the wilderness with four other juvenile delinquents. Tensions escalate as they struggle to feed themselves and escape the dangers of the wild. After the boys discover a marijuana farm, Bodie makes a decision that traps him deep in a pitch-black cave all by himself. “Cracks” is another of Mike Klaassen’s growing portfolio of youth-oriented adventure stories Imagine blending “Hatchet” and “Lord of the Flies” with a touch of “Deliverance” and you’ll have a feel for this one. Experience the thrill and adventure of this YA novel today!

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