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Uncanny Valley

A Heart That Wants


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Renae Bedard is disfigured.
She has a crescent-shaped scar on the right side of her face. Deep. Long. Discolored. Not even a long fall of her hair that conceals it from prying eyes and pointing fingers can erase the trauma it has caused her.
It’s no wonder then that her best friend in this world is also an ugly freak. His name is Addis and he’s an android.
He has pink, fleecy skin. Eyes that are too round and lips that fold peculiarly when he tries to smile — a skill he has yet to master.
They live in future San Francisco and enjoy gazing at the moon together.
Renae tries to convince him take more risks.
Be more spontaneous and adventurous.
Be more human.
Addis tries to reign her in.
Be more pragmatic.
Be less impetuous and reckless.
Be less human.
People are repulsed by them both, and in this they share a bond.
Until the Cannies — a slur used to describe Addis and his ilk — finally have had enough of their mistreatment as mechanical slaves and rise up to claim the lives they believe they deserve.
We are alive!
Soon, everyone Renae cares about — even Max Bedard, her less-than-attentive father and the creator of the Cannies — becomes caught up in a battle that could define the rights of one race and savagely curtail those of another.
In the end, Renae must deal with a deep secret that will threaten to destroy her.
Save the Cannies … Save the girl.

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