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The Infinet


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Imagine a few short years from now…

…a quantum computer more powerful than all other computers ever created…combined
…a madman seeking to destroy civilization with a computer virus targeting the Internet of Things
…a brilliant but reclusive geneticist determined to solve one of the great mysteries of all time
…and Oreste Pax, inventor of the augmented/virtual reality glasses used all over the world

Pax is now the head of Omnitech, the biggest company in the world. But despite all his success, he is facing a shareholder revolt and could soon lose his job as CEO of the company he founded. His only hope lies with a new project he hopes will transform human cognition and convince his doubters he is still the visionary to lead the company into the future.

However, a massive computer virus that attacks the fragile bonds holding human society together has been launched, and Pax is abruptly torn away from his concerns for his company. Soon he will have to make a decision, one that will affect the future of the human race.

A clever, compelling vision of the future, The Infinet is a speculative fiction thriller that can’t be missed.

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