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Pike’s Potential


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Some people are lucky. Others need to manufacture their own luck. Sandy Pike is one of the latter.

The Planetary Alliance is embroiled in a war with the Hegemony of United Worlds. Sandy finds himself in the thick of the action as the war heats up. When both parties decided to commence negotiations, there is no break for Sandy. The Alliance Navy finds other interesting and challenging assignments for him. He does find time to visit home, and reconnect with the girl-next-door.

The first involves the Office of Naval Intelligence and brings Sandy into contact with a beautiful, deadly, and emotionally damaged female agent. His next assignment puts him on a ship suffering the aftereffects of a corrupt captain. Sandy must restore the crew’s efficiency and morale, while sailing to complete an ill-advised mission to which the Alliance’s Office of Foreign Relations committed his ship. The mission devolves into a disaster when their supposed allies turn on them. Only the boldest possible move can save Sandy and his remaining crew.

As a reward for his success, the navy plans to give a brand new ship to Sandy. Before he can take command, he is gunned down while on vacation with his girlfriend. When he recovers, the navy assigns him to a front-line sector as the war with the Hegemony heats up again. His new commanding officer is a martinet who belittles Sandy and ignores his suggestions. The result is disastrous. Sandy’s ship is destroyed. When he is retrieved from the escape pod, he learns his girlfriend wants to take a break, and the Alliance is on the brink of surrender.

What happens when all your luck seems to run out at once?

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