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Cupid’s Arrow


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When her utopian moon base is targeted by Earth’s authoritarian powers, can she stand in the face of tyranny to prove love is stronger than hate?
Biologist Pavani Nampeyo is devastated to lose her soulmate. But with the world military preparing to raid their lunar science colony, the broken-hearted specialist makes the agonizing decision to stay behind while the love of her life escapes to another solar system. And when the brutal invaders fail to find the missing colonists, Pavani’s protective instincts steer her in the path of a violent assault.

Bruised but undaunted, she and her team attempt to drive out the troops by broadcasting video of the illegal occupation across the planet. But with the threat of reprisal looming, Pavani’s only hope of reconnecting with her true love might lie with the colony’s all-powerful artificial intelligence…

Can Pavani outwit a formidable force before all her dreams turn to cosmic dust?

Cupid’s Arrow is the second book in the captivating Shambhala Saga LGBTQ+ science fiction series. If you like character-driven stories, passionate beliefs, and unique takes on the genre, then you’ll adore Susan English’s visionary tale.

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