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The Girls of Fall


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In the era of blue eyeshadow, body glitter, and Axe, seventeen-year-old Sophia Salvatore starts her junior year with one goal: get a boyfriend.

She’s an award-winning varsity athlete and the best friend of Bridget James—the most popular girl in school. That should make it easy, right?

Right. Except snagging the catch of their class turns out to be the easy part. Keeping him proves harder.

Especially when her dad comes back into her life—sober and saved—wanting to resume a father-daughter relationship and lecture about boys. Especially when she can’t untangle the ambivalent feelings about her first boyfriend. Especially when a rift begins forming between her and Bridget that she can’t explain.

It’s only after their friendship finally, and publicly, implodes that Bridget reveals a secret that could change both of their lives.

The girls of fall have an important decision to make: will they start their senior year together or fractured apart?

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