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The Elixir

a paranormal adventure of courage, friendship, and the wisdom of blood


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Genres Romance
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“I’ve always had the sense that an unrestrained me would have lasting consequences.”

Beam hasn’t been allowed to see her uncle since she was five, and her dad found him catching her blood in a jar. But she’s not supposed to ask about it. She’s not supposed to do a lot of things—like follow surly mountain lions back to the reservation where she was born (no matter how injured they are or how intriguing in human form).

Today, though, Beam’s father has vanished. Strange creatures are stalking her. And her late grandmother’s Tribal lullaby pounds through her head like a warning. So, the rules must be broken.

Journey with Beam through the Badlands of South Dakota in a wildly imaginative adventure of courage, friendship, and the wisdom of blood. Drawn from Lakota folklore and heralded for the strength of its characters, The Elixir won Neal Serious Writer’s Writer of the Year award and debuted as Amazon’s #1 New Release in Teen and Young Adult Native American Fiction

“There’s a larger story being written here than your own personal crisis. There is always a larger story.”

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