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Book Two of the Viking Treasure Huntress Series


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Book Series The Viking Treasure Huntress Series
Genres Romance, Historical Fiction
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The Treasure Huntress sails again!

10th century Ireland, a country divided by internal conflict, continues to be ravaged by Viking raids.

After four years, GUNNAR is poised to finally return to the East but must wait for the rivers in Rusland to thaw. Frustrated by the delay and eager to be at sea, he sails the Treasure Huntress to Dublin. His intentions are to purchase the slaves necessary for the upcoming grueling journey, then return directly to the waiting fleet, but destiny has other plans.

When his newly acquired slaves are stolen in a daring night raid led by a mysterious Irishwoman, Gunnar sets out to retrieve them and exact his revenge–only to discover that the lovely FIONA is not what she seems.

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