Ann Boelter

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Ann Boelter

Ann’s Thoughts on Writing:
I believe that a series should be a series of related stories, not one story chopped into multiple pieces to sell more books. Love scenes should be tastefully erotic and occur where they fit—after a buildup of attraction and sexual tension, not gratuitous random sex thrown in. I strongly believe that a book should be well-edited and proofread prior to being released. Anything less is still a draft copy and should not be offered as a finished product. As a reader I want to get lost in a story, not be constantly slapped in the face with misspelled words, grammatical errors and plot contradictions.

My Writing Style:
My goal is to provide enough detail to create a vivid image in the reader’s mind without boring them. I want the reader to FEEL as they read—to laugh out loud, to hold their breath in anticipation, to cry—not be bogged down with irrelevant details.

About Me:
For those of you who want to know about me—I must admit, that’s a lot harder to write than creating a character. 🙂
I’m a private person. My husband and I live on a farm in the western US, where I enjoy anything and everything outdoors. I’m an avid horsewoman and gardener. I love raising goats and growing giant pumpkins. When I was younger I traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, Africa and the South Pacific. While in college, I worked at a variety of jobs, from packing caviar in a salmon cannery in South Naknek, Alaska, to driving a forklift in Key Largo, Florida, before ultimately becoming a medical professional.
Through all of that, I always felt the draw to write fiction. After placing second with two novels in two separate genres (historical romance and contemporary mainstream) in a national contest, I began to focus more seriously on writing. No matter the genre, I try to draw upon my travel experiences and diverse cultural exposures to create vivid, unique characters in rich, deep, believable settings.