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Your Next Big Idea

Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving


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Featured by Yahoo!Booklist Magazine, Publishers Weekly, ABC’s Good Morning Washington, Advertising Week, Thrive Global, multiple affiliates of CBSFox & CBS and awarded BlueInk Review Notable Book Seal and IndieReader Approved Designation, this business and self-help creativity guide encourages innovation in aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. Have you ever looked at a product and thought, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ or, ‘I’m just not a creative person!’ Improve problem-solving skills and increase the effectiveness of knowledge management in your organization to come up with the next game-changing idea to hit the market!
In this book you will:
* Learn how others innovate by examining the world around them
* Practice asking questions, and see how to recognize details in observations
* Complete creative exercises to get into the right mindset
* Understand the importance of sharing ideas, and assess their feasibility

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