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Our Two Societies


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What is it like to be an Afro-American living in Detroit’s projects in the 1970’s or in Japan in the 1990’s? How does social equality differ from legal equality? How does viewing America as a racist society affect America’s current and future workforce? Davis uses his own exciting, scary and often unbelievable experiences to walk the reader through the answers to these questions and more.

With an easy storytelling style, the author brings you along as he discovers two different societies alive and well in America; and their influences on all American life. The author challenges many preconceived notions as he reflects upon these two societies while growing up in America and reflecting back upon them while living in Japan.

This true story includes exploring Japan, where Davis witnesses a whole culture who truly appreciates African American history, culture, and music. You will feel as if you are right there as Davis find a new sense of power in himself that allows him to overcome inner weaknesses, and racial prejudice, to ultimately find the strength to master his own destiny and captain his ship firmly into safer waters.

This story is an inspiring story that celebrates the possibilities that one society provides and a warning of the ills and pitfalls of another society. It provides a refreshing look at race relations without the typical negative rhetoric. If you are looking for a great story to read and then share, look no further.

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