Andre Davis

Award-winning Non-Fiction Author


About Andre Davis

I was born in Detroit Michigan in the early 1970s. I grew up in one of Detroit Michigan’s worst neighborhoods and one of its best. I’ve lived the life of an urban American, a university student, an exchange student in Japan, an ex-pat in Japan, and a law student in Portland Oregon.

My experiences has lead me to conclude several things: America is great because of its Free Market Society; racism is real, but WE are all stronger than racism; a politician/social activist without a victim is unemployed; if you want to know about the history of early America, the antebellum south, or the reconstruction era, start with reading books written during those times.

Over a decade of being in the recruiting industry has led to serious concerns about the future of America’s workforce. These concerns have prompted the creation of this book. Although this book covers some very serious topics, like racism and the necessity of skills in a free market society, it is a very approachable and fun read.

America is still the land of opportunity for the opportunist, and its greatness lies in its free market society.


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