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Mother’s Milks

A mystic vegan cookbook for healing your relationship to food


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“Mother’s Milks tells the story of Mina Fuhr’s healing from her eating disorder with a courage and humility that is inspiring. Through Mina, the universe has birthed a glorious explosion of sensual recipes for healing. The book is a beautiful and powerful presence in the home. The food looks delicious. The photos come alive off the page. Simple and loving, each recipe, a manifestation of a virtue, speaks in tongues with a variety of flavors diverse enough to hook any taster into a dialogue with the idea of raw vegan nourishment.
There are lessons here from which we can all learn, regardless of whether you have a mild or severe, medically or internet diagnosed eating disorder or simply have tried everything to get back into those jeans… again and again. The first world issues of how and what to eat are killing millions slowly and painfully. But instead of lecturing us about our global ills, Mina takes an intimately personal tone, exploring and celebrating the paths to freedom that she has found with recipes that invites us to step into the presence of the Divine Present, milking Her for all the love She has to offer with a joyful lip-smacking noise in appreciation of the multitudes of flavors in Her delicious bounty.”

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