Mina Fuhr

Award-winning Non-Fiction Author


About Mina Fuhr

Mina Fuhr (Berlin/Dakar) is a Japanese shapeshifter, who dances through a multiverse of disciplines and creative forms, while always returning to the body. Her first calling was to study the body through science, but after being accepted into med school, she decided to approach it from a more artistic perspective and studied fashion at the University of Arts in Berlin. Clothes were interesting, but they didn’t reveal the depth of insight into the body that she was seeking. So she spent the last two years of her Diplom wrestling and kickboxing grown men in the practice of mixed martial arts, and simultaneously reading about neuroscience, phenomenology and performance studies; finally graduating by dancing her thesis without designing a single piece of clothing. She has been dancing since age three with a growing fascination for different styles of dance and their relations to music, ultimately consummating this path at the source: in Africa, initiated in Senegal at the Ecole des Sables with Germaine Acogny, and being a featured dancer in her husband’s Deggi Daaj International Festival of Drumsets and Dance. In Dakar she teaches yoga and dance, while creating recipes for the first vegetarian catering service in Senegal. In 2015 she released her first book: Mother’s Milks – a mystic vegan and raw vegan guide to healing and in 2016 she opened the door of her own yoga studio Prism Yoga Dakar, where she serves as CEW (Chief Executive Witch). When she is not wrestling fashion, translating from vegan to neuroscience and cooking dance, she also works internationally as a trilingual simultaneous interpreter.


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