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Let’s Leave the Country!

A Guide to Your Family Year Abroad


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In Let’s Leave the Country! A Guide to Your Family Year Abroad, Jacqueline Jannotta leads you through the practical and emotional hurdles of orchestrating an adventure beyond the border. The book is based on the author’s year-long experience in Genoa, Italy, and offers insights from dozens of others. It shows how extended time outside the country is both possible, and a rewarding way to gain a fresh perspective and renewed vitality.

The book offers specific guidance on visas, schooling, housing, navigating outside your comfort zone in a new language, and much more. And you’ll discover how to develop an optimal mindset and find “ambassadors” to help ease the transition of moving abroad.

Whether you dream of making a temporary home in a single culture or traveling the globe, now is the perfect time to plan an adventure where you can work from anywhere in a post-pandemic world. Let’s Leave the Country! will inspire you to forge a unique and unforgettable journey that continues long after you return home.

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