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Jacqueline Jannotta is a writer, mom, informed educator, experienced traveler, and eternal optimist who inspires others to break free from the ordinary. Her own career path has been anything but conventional, beginning with her work in television for entertainment industry giants like Warner Bros and Walt Disney. She went on to develop and write content for trailblazing internet firms, and founded ScoopOnSchools.com: helping parents navigate and expand the educational possibilities for their children.

It’s in this spirit that Jacqueline organized her family’s extraordinary year abroad in Genoa, Italy, captured in Let’s Leave the Country! Inside these pages, Jacqueline has created the definitive guidebook she wished she’d had when embarking on her family’s adventure. Today, she lives with her husband and two daughters in Portland, Oregon, where she invites others to steward a better world at BecomingBetterPeople.us.

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