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Many political and social divisions divide the world and nations; but, the most dangerous division—what I call the “great divide”—is the split between religion and science. The origin of this divide comes from the opposition between the theories of science and beliefs of religion.
Science theorizes that everything in the universe came into existence by natural cause and effect. God does not exist, and there is no creative force outside of the natural realm. However, science cannot explain how
– everything (the universe) began from absolutely nothing.
– life on Earth began from non-living, organic chemicals and compounds.
– eighteen life sustaining events occurred during Earth’s formation; and if even one of them had not happened we (human conscious life) would not be here.
Many creationist religions believe God created everything. They believe
– Adam and Eve were the first humans. However, they ignore fossil evidence of human evolution.
– the universe and the Earth were created in six days. This belief is based on a flawed translation of Genesis One, and a denial of abundant geological evidence found in the rock strata.
– the universe and Earth are only 6,000 years old. This belief originated from calculations made hundreds of years ago when scholars attempted to calculate the ancient Hebrew patriarchal lineages found in the book of Genesis. However, this belief denies ample geological evidence that the Earth is actually billions of years old.
The “great divide” has created a no-win future for humanity. On one side, religious based wars and global terrorism attempt to destroy us. On the other side science has plagued us with doomsday weapons and worldwide pollution that threaten our very existence. People are scared and are looking for answers, but they do not know where to turn. J.R. Kent has perhaps found the answer to alter the disastrous course we are currently facing and heal the “great divide.”
He has solved a 2,500-year-old mystery that defies both religion and science! Hidden in the thirty-one verses of Genesis One is a message so powerful it could ultimately change the course of these disastrous global events. Our hi-tech world is barely a century old; however, many of the ancient, advanced civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Mayans of Central America endured for thousands of years. So what was their secret, and how is it revealed in the Genesis verses?

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