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I was raised in a strict religious home, and had what I believe was a typical childhood. After high school I went on to college to become an engineer. I graduated with a science major, and then landed a great job with a research and development company. Eventually, I got married, and my wife and I raised three great children. My life was fairly predictable until the spring of 2002 when we traveled to the south of France. One night I had a dream like nothing I ever had before. Typically, I never remember much about my dreams, but this one was different—to this day I remember every detail.
“I was standing alone in a dark space with a spotlight shining down on me. Suddenly, out of the darkness walked a bearded man dressed in a full length white gown with a hood draped over his head. Over the gown were three open robes: dark purple, dark green and dark blue all trimmed in gold. Around his neck were three gold chains and a pendant with a five sided pink stone hanging down; the image and the colors were more vivid than anything in real life. He walked over, stood right in front of me and said, “You don’t see very well.” I offered an excuse, “That’s because I’m wearing sunglasses.” He said, “No, that’s not the reason.” He then reached toward my head and startled me as he plucked the left eye from my head. There was no pain or fear—just a sense of trust. He took a white cloth, polished the eye and then put it back. He did the same with the right eye, and said, “Okay, now you will be able to see.” With that the dream ended.”
My life resumed, and nothing of any significance happened until 2010 when I was reading one of the many science magazines I subscribe to. One of the articles grabbed my attention that questioned the origin of life. It was then the fascination I had as a child with the Bible’s Genesis One creation story was rekindled. I am not one to believe that dreams have meanings or revelations, but this one has haunted me ever since and it is the only answer that comes to mind for the inspiration I found to write this book. My journey into this amazing book of the Bible began when I started to recognize the correlation between its thirty-one verses and the theories of modern science.
I have a limitless curiosity about the origin of things in the natural world, and I love to unravel mysteries, making Genesis One an ideal subject. My determination to write this book required a great deal of objective scientific analysis, and a commitment to abandon any of my preconceived religious biases. If I were either a scientist or a theologian, it is unlikely this book could have been written, because the diametrically opposed focus of these disciplines would have stood in the way of my objectivity.
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