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Time Lapse


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Book Series Historical Mysteries Solved by Modern Technology
Genres Mystery
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Time Lapse- the time between serial killers from two centuries.

Renowned digital photographer, Maggie Thornhill, coins a new definition when a friend turns out to be the fifth victim in a series of grisly Georgetown murders.

As a professor of digital photography, Maggie works with law enforcement to analyze the photographs from the present day killings only to discover their resemblance to the murders of Jack the Ripper.

A century earlier, in Victorian London, brutally murdered prostitutes found in the East End baffle police. Despite help from Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle, little progress is made. High-powered suspects like Prince Albert Victor, the Queen’s grandson, make solving the case considerably more difficult. Desperate, the police turn to actor, John Wilkerson, to recreate the crimes on stage.

With the aid of DNA technology, long-lost forensic evidence from the last of Jack the Ripper’s canonical murders is tied to a living heir today. This final link could change history as we know it.

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