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The Triangle Murders


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Book Series Historical Mysteries Solved by Modern Technology
Genres Mystery
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When a young reporter is pushed from a ninth story window in Greenwich Village, NYPD Homicide Lieutenant Frank Mead soon connects the case to a murder that took place at the same site a hundred years earlier, during the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

Following the shattering suicide of his wife seven years ago, Mead is back after a self-imposed estrangement from NYPD and his daughter, Amanda. He is determined to make up for the past and forge a new relationship with her despite her active resistance. His first case is the death of the reporter who was writing a commemorative story on the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911– the worst disaster in the City’s history until 9-11. Frank learns that the murder scene is the very window from which scores of workers leaped to their death to escape burning alive.

Frank’s great grandfather, Cormac Mead, a member of the NYPD in 1911, is the first of a long line of NYPD Mead cops. His wife, Frank’s great grandmother, Fiona, works at the Triangle. She begins as a seamstress and soon becomes aware of the hazardous working conditions of the garment industry. Fiona and Cormac argue about worker’s rights and, because of his position on the police force and ties with City Hall, Cormac forbids her involvement in the Women’s League Union. Fiona, however, has a mind of her own, and continues to meet with women’s rights advocates.

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