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The Stone Skimmers


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Genres Mystery
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When fishermen find the body of a young African off the coast of Crete,
local police are stumped. But Bel Saidi, an investigative journalist,
thinks it validates her theory: migrant smugglers are using a new route.
Nick Fisher is recruited to an elite team tasked with verifying the route,
identifying those involved and bringing them to justice. But, after more
tragedy, things become complex and dangerous. They need to grasp the
true motives of the shadowy figures operating from Turkey and Albania
and the ruthless owners of that powerful motor yacht, ploughing its way
across the Mediterranean.
Nick must watch himself with old flame Bel. And he needs to control
his anger and sharpen those technology and firearms skills. They might
get one chance to bring these guys down. Will intuition, a nose for a
scam and good, old-fashioned guts be enough, this time?

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