Alex Dunlevy

Award-winning Mystery Author


About Alex Dunlevy

Alex abandoned a career in finance at the age of forty-nine and spent a few years staring at the Mediterranean, contemplating life and loss. Finally, he accepted what his heart had always known. So, he joined a local writing group and he began to write.
Over the next four years, he completed two novels: The Unforgiving Stone and Beneath the Stone. These are the first in a series of crime thrillers set on the island of Crete and featuring British protagonist Nick Fisher.
He has also written a collection of short stories, The Late Shift Specialist. These are quite different from his crime writing. The stories are quirky, funny or sad and always written straight from the heart.
Simultaneously, he has been working on novels in different genres: a black comedy set in the world of corporate finance and a bitter-sweet, coming-of-age story set in the 1960s.
Born in Derbyshire, Alex now divides his time between Wiltshire and Crete, where he has an old, stone house in the central south of the island, between the Amari Valley and the Libyan Sea.