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Trusting the Currents


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Women’s Fiction, African American Fiction, Spiritual

Trusting the Currents is a visionary novel that guides readers into their own truth and transformation. Never expecting to be a writer, Author Lynnda Pollio’s life abruptly changes when she hears the mystical voice of Addie Mae Aubrey, a Southern, African American woman. Her first words, “It’s not what happened to me that matters,” begin a spirited remembering of Addie Mae’s teenage years in the late 1930s rural south and the hard-earned wisdom she asks Lynnda to share.

Narrated by Addie Mae Aubrey, Trusting the Currents is a story of self-discovery, of faith, courage, and the uneasy search for one’s place in life. Beginning at age eleven with the arrival of beautiful, mysterious cousin Jenny and her shadowy stepfather, Uncle Joe, Trusting the Currents explores Addie Mae’s reluctant awakening. As Jenny introduces Addie Mae to the natural world, a caring teacher guides Addie Mae with the power of reading. Romantic love enters her life for the first time with Rawley, and we experience how Addie Mae’s emerging sense of self compels her to a life-altering decision, even as evil shakes all of their lives.

Addie Mae reveals how life blossoms when we have the courage to not only accept but also learn from our mistakes and sorrows. Her story may belong to one woman, but the lessons it teaches belong to everyone willing to open their hearts and listen to the truth within their souls.

Trusting the Currents has won a total of 12 book awards and reached #1 as an Amazon Bestseller in Inspirational Fiction!

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