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To Venice with Love


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The accidental meeting of two strangers on their way to Venice, has wider effects than they could have imagined.

Taking the trip of a lifetime, Isobel Campbell looks forward to falling in love with Venice, while Rupert Northcote lives in the city, his mind occupied by his work as an architect and reflections on his past life.  When their worlds collide, they realise that the city  has other plans for them.  A friendship soon blossoms between the pair, fuelled by their mutual appreciation of the architecture, history and ambience of Italy. Isobel starts to forget her role in England, as a wounded and cast aside ex-wife, while Rupert feels his heart involved for the first time since the death of his wife and starts to look forward, rather than back. Unfortunately, all holidays come to an end just as in dreams, sooner or later, the awakening comes.

This fairytale must face reality and even star-crossed lovers have family commitments to uphold. Will their old lives and their new passion co-exist or will one be forced to give way to the other?

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