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The Mourning After


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A tragic car accident will forever change the Keller family.  Fifteen-year-old Levon Keller survives, though his older brother David, star athlete and golden child, does not.  As the fragile family mourns while trying to move on, guilt-ridden Levon finds himself lost between the memory of his brother and the constant attention his younger sister requires with a rare genetic affliction.  When the beautiful and unpredictable teenager Lucy Bell moves in next door, Levon finds a trustworthy friend–one capable of providing salvation and true insight.  Their friendship leads the reader on a journey that reveals family secrets and painful truths, culminating in an astonishingly suspenseful realization: when it comes to family, nothing is as it seems.  Compelling and rife with raw emotion, The Mourning After captures the essence of a family in crisis and recovery.  It sings with the power of the human spirit.

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