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The Little, Corner Christmas Store & Other Stories

12 Christmas stories for the whole family


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Experience the Magic Of Christmas With This Heart-Warming Collection Of Short Stories That Are Perfect For the Whole Family!

“The Little, Corner Christmas Store (12 Christmas Stories for the Whole Family)”, written by 8-time international book award winner Kevin P White, is a beautiful collection of heart-warming short stories about Christmas, each with a different message. Stories include:

* “The Little Christmas Store”, in which a young man named Ryan reluctantly goes in search of 3 gifts and instead finds the true meaning of Christmas after visiting a nondescript little store full of old things he believes no one would ever want.
* “Finding Christmas”, in which the whole town of Appleton puts their Christmas festivities on hold as they search for Christmas, the town’s beloved Yuletide cat.
* “The Gift”, where a brilliant brain surgeon named Emily learns that a person’s title has nothing to do with their measure as a person, finding love along the way.

And many more, including “A Christmas to Remember”, “When Aliens Came to Christmas” and “Moon Over Bethlehem”! White’s stories integrate the magic of Christmas with issues like family relationships, mental illness, poverty, losing loved ones, and finding love.

★★★★★ – Reader’s Favorites Reviews rated the collection 5 out of 5 stars and called it “truly a wonderful collection that has the potential to endure from one magical Christmas season to the next”; and wrote: “Many of White’s stories can’t be read without a box of tissues at hand and all leave an indelible impression. For readers looking beyond the tinsel and glitz of Christmas for some deeper meaning to life in general, look no further than White’s offering.”
★★★★★ – Book Excellence Reviews wrote: Kevin White demonstrates an impressive prowess for storytelling. Readers looking for a fresh take on the typical Christmas classic will be thoroughly pleased with this unique and memorable collection.

What Amazon Readers Say:
★★★★★ – “Truly a wonderful collection that has the potential to endure from one magical Christmas season to the next.” – M. Tandori
★★★★★ – “A superb collection of Christmas short stories, each with strong messages in morality and godliness.” – L. Jones
★★★★★ – “The narrative is engaging and emotionally evocative. This collection would make a perfect Christmas gift. An uplifting collection of Christmas stories. Highly recommended.
★★★★★ – Absolutely ADORED this book. Mrs. J. (United Kingdom)

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