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The God of Sno Cone Blue


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Something is odd about Grace. She has mismatched eyes, one dark, one light. She thinks she’s seen God. When her mother dies, she begins to get letters from her, as if from the grave. The letters tell of her mother’s life before she married Grace’s father, in time, confessing fiercely-guarded family secrets. I wasn’t always a Preacher’s Wife… I made mistakes along the way.

Looking back, as a middle-aged woman, Grace relives those transformative years, coming of age in the 1960s and losing her mother:

She struggles with questions of loss and faith and begins to butt heads with the preacher as the letters keep coming, gradually unveiling her mother’s early romance. Grace devours each letter and longs for the next, searching for clues about who’s delivering them. When she finally reads the last letter—and an astonishing truth—she embarks on a journey that changes her life and perspective forever.

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