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Raised By Committee


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Set in Devon, England in the 1960’s, Raised by Committee tells the story of an abandoned and abused young girl’s journey as she struggles to make sense of her past. At age 12 Gail is made a ‘ward of the courts as being in need of moral protection’.

She is placed under the care of the ubiquitous Children’s Committee and sent to live in a children’s home. With a backdrop of Beatlemania and the sexual revolution, Raised by Committee chronicles Gail’s roller coaster emotional ride as she rails against the restrictions put on her life and struggles to fill the void left by her parents. As much as she resents the interference of the Children’s Committee, deep down Gail realizes she needs their protection – from herself as much as anyone. Gail has a wild streak in her fuelled by hurt and anger, and a searing anguish which threatens to consume her.

From runaway, to thief, to top student, Gail’s life runs the gamut from despair to hope. But just when she thinks everything is fine, it blows up in her face again and again.

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