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Cooperative Lives


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“Ambitious and sophisticated, Cooperative Lives is a diverse and gorgeous tapestry of character studies and is a pure delight to read.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews (★★★★★)

“Written with all the passion and flourish of a love letter yet with all the calculation and clockwork of a crime novel, Finegan’s novel is a fascinating slice-of-life that rings true even as it attempts the fantastic.” – US Review of Books (Recommended)

The cream of New York’s elite reside in a co-op overlooking Central Park, quietly until a bus hits a neighbor. This sets in motion a series of increasingly bizarre investigations that expose the residents to unrelenting media scrutiny. Cooperative Lives is a novel about the fragility and resilience of bonds – between family members, staff, lovers and neighbors – when tested by illness, differences of class, age and ethnicity, seemingly trivial misjudgments, and unwelcome outside attention. The events take place from 2010-13 – in a world not yet untethered by rampant nationalism and the 2016 election.

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