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Behind Picketwire


Website(s) M. Day Hampton 
Genres Literary Fiction
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The journey of one man who discovers the divide between existing and truly living.

Red Johnson is a cantankerous sixty-eight-year-old man. After suffering a fall, he wakes to find himself alone in the world with no evidence of human existence other than his house and his dog, Jake. Desperate to find a way back to his family and the world he knew, Red journeys across the country in hopes of finding someone, anyone to help him. As he searches the vast wilderness and struggles for survival, he reflects on the life he took for granted. Meanwhile, his own history begins to unfold before him in the form of strange memories and hauntingly vivid dreams. They make him yearn for what he had, and fall in love with his wife all over again. As Red struggles alone through the wilderness, he comes face to face with a hidden family history that completely changes his past…and his future.

We are all on a journey to find meaning, and Behind Picketwire is one man’s struggle through the wilderness to know himself and to finally see his life in stunning clarity.

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