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A Fistful of Salt

A Tale of Two Townies


Website(s) A Fistful of Salt – The Novel ~ Contemporary Irish Fiction 
Genres Literary Fiction, Thriller
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Being nursed back from a coma in the sunny south of France by childhood crush, Shelley, is a lifelong fantasy come true for small town Irish taxi-driver Thomas Brody; if only he could remember how he got there and why the local criminal fraternity want him dead.

On the upside, Shelley, a wild redhead who has always treated him like dirt, is being sweeter than he had ever dared to dream. The more intimate they become, the clearer it seems that their lives have always been converging on this moment in time and  the deeper Thomas reaches inside himself to discover the man he was taught as a child to keep hidden away.

As  reality and the dream come crashing together in their idyllic hideout he realises their pasts are haunted by the same demons and they are both going to have to meet them head on if they are to make it out of there alive. The darker their situation becomes the more this crazy new world starts to make sense.

Now that he has glimpsed the beauty of this unexpected fate, nothing and nobody will make him go back to his quiet life.

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