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Rhubarb, Strawberries, and Willows


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Hurtling up Highway 69 toward Sudbury in her VW bug, Kate Dumont Walker decides she’s going to keep her baby. After all, it’s the 1980s. That is, until the day Kate is standing on the shores of the Spanish River watching the black waters pushing ice flows against the remnants of a crumbling railway bridge and the sound of a train whistle explodes in her head. She blacks out. Plunged 100 years into the past to the early days of her Northern Ontario community, Kate’s desperate attempts fail to return to her baby daughter in her own time. Eventually, Kate learns to stop living as a visitor and builds a new life with Claude, the devoted single father who lives in a log cabin that stands on the same property as her present-day family home.

Caught between two times, she struggles to remain uninvolved as historical events unfold around her, but there is one event she cannot ignore—the 1910 Spanish River Train Disaster. Will she be able to change history to prevent the tragic deaths forty-eight people, and at the same time save her family?

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