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Milcreek Pond

Shadows, Sorrow, and Shame


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Genres Historical Fiction, Young Adult
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Past, present, and future had intertwined in a way Molly knew was true, but could explain to no one. Like the descendants of Abraham, who knew not what lay in the path ahead, but believed in the promise, that it would be fulfilled. Before the summer of 1879, fourteen year old Molly pretends to be carefree, sailing, never taking a breath. After hearing she may have to move away, she’s tired of being someone other than the girl in the reflection—the one who finds love and acceptance. Molly coaxes a lakeside meeting with the son of a nearby sharecropper, shy, good-looking Alex, who still won’t look her in the eye. Her spirit-toting ma’s obsessions, and number-codifying, poetic brother’s strangeness, rob Molly of support she needs to keep a beau, plus battle against the townsfolk who openly hate her, because of the “one-drop rule”. She replaces the dreaded existence they’ve mapped out for her with her own blueprint. Molly enlists the help of, mill owner, W. Neuman, a stranger to the South, bringing his own brand of fierceness, and his wife’s quirky, flamboyant, no-nonsense aunt, visiting from Boston. Together, they uncover the notions of three mysterious schemers who wish to keep Molly “in- her- place.” When an assailant viciously attacks Molly, she’s not sure who she can trust, even Alex.

Milcreek Pond is a poignant tale of a young adolescent girl growing up in the deep South during the late 19th century. The story takes the reader on a journey through the life of young, irrepressible Molly Elizabeth McCray who comes face to face with societal pressure to tame her free, adventurous spirit. She relies on a foundation of love and guidance provided by a caring mother to help her progress through life.

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