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Barbarossa’s Barb

Heirs of Andalusia


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Book Series Heirs of Andalusia
Genres Historical Fiction, Thriller
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Gifted horse-whisperer Elias is much in demand. The sultan’s agent wants his subtle mind. The viceroy’s daughter wants his guarded heart. The Inquisition wants his broken corpse. The Hellhound’s master wants his tortured soul.
Elias wants revenge on the man who abused him. Until events spin out of his control: his sister Eva is captured; his faithful stallion is stolen; and Elias himself is accused of murdering the king’s son. Enter a dying priest who knows the Chief Inquisitor, famed as a miracle worker, killed the child.
But proving that is perilous. Especially since Elias insists that his adversary is merely a clever fraud, because he cannot accept that he is actually facing demonic power.

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