DJ Schneider

Award-winning Science Fiction Author


About DJ Schneider

DJ Schneider developed his creative writing skills at the San Francisco Art Institute, and then at the Log Cabin Literary Center in Boise, Idaho with a writing group called the Magnificent Seven. DJ also spent many years in the advertising and marketing fields writing and producing creative content for radio, print, and television.

When DJ isn’t out traveling the stars, following Melanie Simpson around to document her next great adventure, he is buried deep in an Oregon burrow he calls The Writing Cave, honing his craft and building his novels. There, under the light of a gooseneck lamp, he can be found diligently transcribing Melanie’s amazing adventures to paper and working on other inspired novels.

DJ is a member of SCBWI, ALLi, NIWA, and the Gresham Writers Group.

Author DJ Schneider webpage and blog. Join me here for adventures that are grounded her on earth, but extend into the cosmos. 

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