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The Roswell Quest

A Melanie Simpson Mystery Prequel


Website(s) Author DJ Schneider webpage and blog. Join me here for adventures that are grounded her on earth, but extend into the cosmos. 
Genres Young Adult, Science Fiction
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Their discovery could change the world forever…

In 1947 a spaceship crashed outside Roswell, New Mexico, and the government quickly covered it up. With that, the most famous UFO event in history remained buried. But what if someone smuggled material out from the crash site and decades later it remained hidden in a secret location?

And what if a young teenage girl named Melanie Simpson is the only one who can figure out where?

Frankie is a normal fourteen-year-old boy, enjoying baseball and pulling pranks until Melanie moves in next door. She wears sleeveless t-shirts, jeans with holes in the knees, Converse high-top sneakers, and can throw a really mean curveball. None of that stops Frankie from falling for her. But Melanie comes with a mystery; one even she doesn’t know exists.

Together, with their friend Beanie, they pull a hoax that goes terribly wrong but leads to an amazing discovery. Mel’s father had been at the UFO crash in Roswell and smuggled some of the alien material out. He has died, and it is hidden somewhere. The teenagers try to unravel the clues to where.

They soon discover others are after it. The Air Force who wants to keep their cover-up secure, and a Russian Agent desperate to get the alien material for the valuable technology he could deliver to his country.

It puts them in terrible danger—and only Melanie can find a way out.

This is the prequel to The Melanie Simpson Mystery Series

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