Dan Bailes

Award-winning Children's Author


About Dan Bailes

Dan loves writing stories to make kids laugh and share some useful life skills, too. But the best part is, he gets to just make stuff up. So far, Dan’s written three chapter books for kids, including two in the series Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures. He’s working on “Marlon and the Wide World” to be published early next year.
He says that daydreaming is important and gets his best ideas when walking his dog or stopping to watch the leaves dance in the breeze. Dan likes to have quiet chats with his characters to discover what they are going to do next.
He’s always been one to follow his nose to see where it may lead. And says he does his best work when he gets stuck and then tries to get unstuck from whatever sticky situation he’s fallen into.
He wonders what cats and dogs really think about us. If you have any ideas about that, please let him know. Dan started Nice Dog Books with Kukka, who really is a nice dog. Except she barks too much.