Dan Bailes

Award-winning Children's Author


About Dan Bailes

Dan just finished book #3 in his award-winning series, Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures. He enjoys creating fun, heartwarming tales that offer some life lessons, too. When his children were young, he loved making up stories to tickle their funny bones. After they had kids of their own, he decided to turn the best adventures into chapter books.
He has a light-hearted touch to storytelling and uses humor and a sense of adventure to engage young readers. His stories center around themes of friendship, courage, self-reliance and embracing our differences.
“I hope my books will help kids develop self-confidence and feel empowered to make good decisions. And if I can make them laugh along the way, all the better.”
Dan launched Nice Dog Books with his canine companion, KukkaTahti. When they’re not busy writing or thinking silly thoughts, they can be found “going for a walk” on the streets of Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. You can find out more about Dan and Kukka at nicedogbooks.com