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Marlon and the Scary Something


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Illustrator Melissa Gardner
Genres Children's
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With gentle humor and a light touch, “Marlon and the Scary Something” explores the themes of facing your fears, finding courage and getting back on your feet.

Out for an early morning romp, Marlon, a spunky cat full of mischief, stumbles into an animal he’s never seen before. Whoops! Marlon is scared. What should he do? Try to make friends? Follow his fear and run?

Fearing the animal is about to pounce on him, Marlon scurries home to hide. All day his thoughts circle round and round as he frets about the creature. He asks his friend Silky, a sensible sparrow, for advice. Yes, Marlon is the kind of cat who can make friends with a sparrow. Silky tells him the “scary something” is probably not dangerous. So, Marlon warily steps outside to try again.

When the animal (a shaggy dog named Kukka) bounds toward him, it’s too much for Marlon and he scrambles back home. Not knowing what to think, he’s soon caught in a web of worry. As he struggles to untangle his anxious feelings, he goes to Momma Cat for help. She’s wise in the ways of the heart and mind and helps him calm his fears.

Armed with new coping skills, Marlon summons his courage and goes out to face the unknown. In a brave moment, Marlon offers Kukka the paw of friendship and the book ends in a joyful romp.

Welcome to Book #2 of Marlon’s Marvelous Adventures. Full of wit and wisdom, “Marlon and the Scary Something” is a cozy cat adventure perfect for kids 6-9 and cat lovers everywhere! Dog lovers too!

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