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Marlon and the Wide World


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Illustrator Melissa Gardner
Genres Children's
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Marlon runs away from home in a new mystery/adventure about finding your way, friendship and family.
It was all so sudden.
One day, Marlon is home with his family and friends. The next, he’s out on his own. With a troubling secret he must unravel.
The wide world is a big place for a little cat. How will he manage? What will he discover? This time, Marlon needs all the luck he can get!
To survive, he must put his best paw forward, look trouble in the eye and bounce back when misfortune knocks him down.
• Can Marlon escape the clutches of two tough alley cats?
• Win the trust of a momma raccoon defending her kits?
• Pull off a daring rescue raid?

And then…
Can he unravel the mysteries of a jealous heart? And find his way back to family and friends?
Full of wit and wisdom, this furry feline adventure is perfect for kids 6 – 10 and anyone who loves cats and a great tale!

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