There is a story around every corner


ELISABETH-MARRION-2By Elisabeth Marrion

My head is spinning, I spot a story on every corner I turn. What shall I do?

The first three instalments of my Unbroken Bonds series were an easy choice once I had started the first book. I knew their stories needed to be told. To be honest, I did not plan on writing a trilogy in four parts. You heard right. Four. Well, other writers have done it, so why not?  BUT the big question is will book four have the same impact as the first three since the narrative is set in a different time?

It was not my idea. To be honest, it was my husband, David’s, who, sadly, is no longer with me. Upon finishing book three, Cuckoo Clock-New York, David casually asked, “what is happening to Thomas?” What is happening to Thomas, indeed? I started book four at that point, and we discussed the chapters I was writing. Unfortunately, the project was put on hold as David’s health deteriorated, and I have not picked it up again. Instead, I kept busy translating Liverpool Connection into German.


Previously, I had written several short stories. One almost became a novella, and I am toying with the idea of turning them into full-fledged novels. Changing genres, I wrote a comedy, something totally different and really funny. However, two movies have been made based upon a similar idea, which caused me to shelve the project.

During a visit to my hairdresser, she shared a dramatic incident, which should be told. I have her permission to develop the project that has a working title of The Village Rapist.

Recently, the local Newspaper ran a story about a local homeless man who refuses to give up on supporting himself. He buys a specialist newspaper and then sells them at a location he reaches by bus. The man is quite personable and speaks to passer-byes whether or not they buy a paper. I am ashamed to say I have always frowned upon such sellers. Since reading the article, I plan on making a purchase while learning about his life, especially the events leading up to his homeless state.

I once met a boy in a rural village in Bangladesh who dearly wanted to continue his education. A manufacturer friend of ours was involved with a school in the area, and we were able to help this child achieve his dream.

See, there is a story around every corner.

Check out Liverpool Connection


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